GIANT SCANNER  2600 x 280 mm

It was the end of the 90s, then to create the film for projectors with scrollers, panorama collages were created by cutting out the various contents by hand and then pasting them. Maximum dimensions 2.50 meters X 0.28 meters. The collages were then photographed with a camera with Giant Slides. Without going into too much detail. 2 things happen that will change this process. 1. Photoshop had become powerful enough to compose the collages 2. it was possible to print the composition created on the computer directly on the film. There was a problem, there were very good composers who knew how to work only by cutting by hand and who were also faster than those who worked on the computer, but certainly compositions on photoshop allow you to create transparencies and so on. At this point I invented and created the probably largest scanner in the world that could scan a length of 2.5 meters x 0.28 meters. At this point I was able to digitize the hand-made panorama collages and combine them with those created on the computer.