By Harald Gebhartl in collaboration with Gerhard Haderer 
Actors: Margit Gebhartl, Ferry Öllinger, Helga Opelt, Georg Schmiedleitner 
Directed by Hanspeter Horner 
Stage: Gerhard Haderer 
Costumes: Heide Kastler 
Illustration: Gerhard Haderer 
Lighting design: Rainer Jessl 
Music: Gerhard Gruber 
Compositions: Fernando Toma 
Projections: Fernando Toma
World Premiere: Nov 20, 1990 There is an unbearable seriousness about the demise of the world because people are said to be so bad to nature. Naturally. But isn't it far nicer to face the sinking laughing eye, to be caught up in the middle of the big party from the end, as it were on the ocean liner, which was considered unsinkable. Hand on heart, doesn't the ashes-on-main mentality sometimes hang out at us? Exactly. And therefore: TITANIC or SINK POSITIV. Guys, laugh at the sinking of the weird guys on the weird ship, think about it, but don't get as naughty as someone who walks around with his world pain in his face. TITANIC, close to the edge of the doom, but please: Sinks positively!

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